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About Max Maths

Academic research at several leading US universities indicates that most children acquire basic linguistic and numerical skills by age 11. Mathematical learning in later life critically depends on what a child has learnt all these years. We all appreciate that adequate numerical skills are essential not only in academic life but also in professional life later on. Whether a child aspires to become an engineer, doctor, administrator or even a businessman, one cannot even visualize doing anything sans maths. Most competitive tests feature maths to a significant extent and experts believe that as much as half of a candidate’s score in this segment depends on his calculation speed.

Even our day-to-day living involves numerical calculations all the time. Just imagine yourself shopping at a mall or making your household budget without sufficient numerical skills at your command and you will realize, there’s nothing going without it.

Unfortunately, despite its overarching importance, most schools teach maths in a boring, dry, rote-like manner which puts off most students. Mathematical teaching conducted in an abstract manner, far removed from day-today realties and the lack of participative teaching further alienate the learner. This disinterest and boredom intensifies further in higher classes, leading to significant drop in scores. The fact is that

Mathematics IS NOT Boring

Mathematical Teaching IS

In most schools, mathematics is taught as just another subject while its universal applications warrant a special status.

Our teaching derives its roots from the ancient mathematical wisdom distilled in The Vedas, the ancient Indian classics. The sutras contained in these scriptures hold the key to learning calculations in a natural manner, in tune with the way human mind works. This fact lends it utmost legitimacy and credibility because something learnt in a natural fashion is bound be retained forever comfortably.

Max Maths is all about enhancing the numerical skills of young schoolers to give them a life-long competitive edge. The classes revolve around cultivating the art of Mental Calculations wherein a child learns calculations without using a Calculator, Abacus or any other device. The result is an enhanced numerical proficiency in an interactive, fun-filled, and easy-to-learn manner. The highly interactive classes using 

@ Brain Teasers                      @ Puzzles and                                    @ Games

Involve every student from the word “go” and make him an integral part of the learning process. Great class participation and personal attention, coupled with real-life examples, go a long way in ensuring learning skills for a lifetime. The class work is supplemented by a reasonable amount of At-Home Practice to reinforce the skills learnt in the classroom.

Greatly inspired by this classical wisdom, Mr. Nitya Nand Sharma, the brain behind the Max MathsTM programme, has been researching Vedic Mathematics for many years now. His efforts were mainly focused on developing easy, fun-filled and efficient ways of developing his students’ calculation speed. Max MathsTM is the culmination of years of research and development in this arena. The Programme has been perfected after a great many runs conducted on thousands of school children. The phenomenal results of these trials have naturally led to the evolution of this programme.



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